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Board of Directors

Menomini yoU is led by a 5-member Board of Directors who are responsible for setting policy, adopting operating plans for the organization, providing oversight to management in implementing approved plans, and working with management to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.


Wāpanuhkīw (Regina Washinawatok)

Board Member

Benjamin 1

Wāqnawaew (Benjamin Grignon)

Board Member


Kenēw (James Oshkeshequoam)

Board Member


Mōkcewin (Jamie Awonohopay)

Board Member


Sasānēhsaeh Jennings

Board Member

Working Team

Menomini yoU’s day-to-day work is led by a full-time team.


Muqsāhkwat (Ron Corn Jr.)

Director of Revitalization


Kcheyonkote (Burton Warrington)

Executive Director


Mesāēn (Michael D. Waupoose)

Director of Operations


Nēmow (Elmer Denny)

Language Advocate

LanguageApprentices Picture1

Language Apprentices

The language apprentice program will be comprised of emerging language speakers who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing their own language growth and the larger language revitalization effort. The program will consist of three full-time positions guaranteed for 12 months. The goal for the three emerging speakers will be to advance their language capacity with the intent that they will contribute to the expansion of the collective language capacity needed to serve the community’s language needs.   

In the larger strategy, a new or beginner language learner would progress through A) Online Programming, B) Menomini Language Institute (MLI Programming), C) Language Apprentice Programming, D) Language Fellowship or Job Placement. However, at this time given our size, space limitations and overall capacity to deliver programming, we believe running this language apprentice program at this time is the most strategic move to put us in a better long-term position of responsibly running the above-mentioned programs.


Weskes (Alexis Corn)

Language Apprentice


Pāēmapomēh (Richard Oshkeshequoam)

Language Apprentice


Kno Mēkon (Myron Pyawasit III)

Language Apprentice


Aenametek (Tyson Webster)

Language Apprentice

Support Team

The work of Menomini yoU is supported by a cohort of dedicated and active language practitioners.

MY 16 1


Menomini yoU’s main business office is located in Keshena on the Menominee Reservation at N831 State Hwy 47/55. Planning and development are underway on our permanent Menomini yoU language campus to be located next to the Save-A-Lot / Family Dollar / Subway complex in Keshena. The long-term goal of the Menomini yoU language campus is to host a unique community space where Menomini language and culture can thrive in a natural environment.

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